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MADLY Sparkles Through Its Five-year Anniversary

SINGAPORE – In the last five years, the brand has proven its unrivalled vision and expertise by rising through the ranks to be a leading industry player.

Award-winning bespoke jeweller continues to celebrate the beauty in individuality

– Award-winning jewellery brand MADLY has been established for five years this November

MADLY’s bespoke jewellery service uses only the top 1% of gemstones to create one-of-a-kind jewellery

MADLY promotes talent and the arts, and commits to grooming the new generation of jewellery designers

At this key time in the company’s growth, founder Maddy Barber believes it is the brand’s clear vision that has led MADLY to success. The MADLY experience is to break free from the norms that people expect from  the world of fine jewellery. Crafting unique pieces using only the finest quality gemstones, MADLY sees its jewellery as art to be shared with the world. More than just a jeweller, MADLY is a design house that nurtures budding talents. It differentiates itself by featuring a diverse team of designers all with very different styles so that there is something for everyone in the pieces  it releases. MADLY is also about promoting talent and the arts, while grooming the new generation of designers to create beautiful, innovative jewellery in a joyful environment.

Bold colours and innovative shapes make up MADLY’s signature eclectic style, eliminating expectations of conformity and putting a new twist on timeless classics. Asymmetry is championed, with stones set deliberately off-centre for a more playful feel. There is little traditional jewellery within its portfolio; MADLY pushes the boundaries of design wherever possible. And, from the beginning, MADLY has worked only with the top 1% of gemstones, cut for maximum brilliance by lapidary masters.

The artistic vision behind MADLY is reflected in its place as a Singaporean jewellery brand operating successfully in an international market. Since its establishment in 2014, MADLY has consistently been named as one of Singapore Tatler’s Top 10 Best Jewellers. Further accolades include the 2018 Luxury Jewellery Awards’ winner for LUX magazine’s Leaders in Luxury, Best Jeweller in Asia 2018-2019 for the Luxury Travel Guide Lifestyle Awards, and one of Tally Press’ Top 10 Artisan Jewellery Brands in Singapore for 2018. The brand was also invited to be featured in British Vogue and Vanity Fair in 2019.

MADLY maintains a tight focus on quality and believes in educating its clients fully on the value of the product before they choose to buy. Its bespoke service offers an immersive experience and the chance to create jewellery that tells the world who you are. The design process is centred on the client’s personal style and the gemstones that the client loves. From here, MADLY will come up with design options within a specified budget, along with an additional ‘wildcard’ option that can help the client decide just how elaborate they want the jewellery to be. MADLY promises its clients designs that are truly one-of-a-kind.

A glance at MADLY’s Instagram feed or website reveals some of its spectacular designs, along with customer testimonials that cement the brand’s place as one of Singapore’s hottest jewellers. Maddy feels it is the eternal nature of the gemstones MADLY uses that customers find so appealing: “Why go out and buy a luxury handbag, which can only be used for some time before it gets worn out, when you can get precious gems that can last several lifetimes and increase in value over time?”

About Us:

MADLY was founded in 2014 by entrepreneur and radio personality Maddy Barber. MADLY works with master craftsmen in Singapore and overseas to create unique, cutting-edge jewellery using the world’s finest gemstones. Its bespoke service offers clients the opportunity to create a piece of jewellery that is totally personal to them.

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