Jacksonville Veteran Launch GoFundMe Campaign

Dwayne S. Coley Sr. a United States Marine Corps Veteran and this his true story.

September 1, 2017 after giving 10 faithful years of his life he was laid off from a Fortune 500 major Mortgage Bank. The news was devastating knowing the current conditions of our economy and job market. He had just reached 51 years of age and knew he would be facing a mountain returning to the job market. Over the years his body began to adjust to years of wear and tear however, he didn’t allow that to hinder his need to survive. Since he was 5 years old he has a deep love for outdoor grilling. Taking life by the horn, he stepped into full-time entrepreneurship as a caterer. In addition, he desired a BBQ Food Concessions Trailer to take his small business to another level. He stated he prayed passionately and cried out to God for a trailer.

After realizing no income coming into his household and reality the bills were beginning to inundate the kitchen table he needed a miracle. In about the 4th month of loosing his job God began to move in his favor. Family members came together and purchased the food trailer in the photo. To become a licensed owner there are many permits and insurance requirements to be legal. Dwayne don’t have any A/C unit in this trailer and desperately need at least a portable unit in Florida and final set up fees. The Word of God says we have not, because we ask not. I’m reaching out to all that will help this veteran whom have served his country reach the goal and his dream to become  successful in Corporate America.

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