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RoidGear.Net Offers Sponsorships To Bodybuilders

Like many sports, being a pro can be expensive. Bodybuilders consume anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 calories a day, and heavyweight pros will need as much as 250 grams of protein to build and sustain their hulking frame.

Even after satisfying their caloric needs, bodybuilders often turn to supplements to pad out their protein needs and supplement their training. Fasted training, which has become popular in recent years as a tool for lean bulking and faster fat loss, requires the consumption of BCAAs before a workout to prevent the body from catabolizing muscle tissue during a workout. BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids, are essential amino acids that kickstart the protein synthesis in the body without bringing the body out of the fasted state that confers so many fat-burning benefits, allowing for better conditioning and a more efficient diet plan.

Other pre-workouts include L-Arginine and creatine, as well as powdered or liquid caffeine and nicotine gum. These can all confer massive benefits to muscle growth and provide the stimulation an athlete would need to hit the iron for 2-3 hours at a time.

Yet the human body can only take so much. With studies showing that testosterone levels are universally dropping from generation to generation due to environmental toxins such as plastic and smog, smoking, and second-hand smoke, aspiring bodybuilders today need every help they can get to push their bodies to the next level. Other supplements, such as properly-dosed and responsibly-sourced anabolic steroids, can help stave off fatigue, massively improve recovery, and allow the body to take on a much higher volume and intensity of training, pushing your body’s potential through the roof and high into the stratosphere.

Since the days of Eugen Sandow, bodybuilding has primarily been a sport about becoming the best you – and in doing so, becoming better than everyone else. At the heart of bodybuilding lies the competition, and with the rise in information tech and social media, aspiring pro bodybuilders today have it harder than ever. The sport is more popular than it has ever been, and the competition is much fiercer and much more well-equipped than it had been over the past few decades.

Competitors today don’t just have to face themselves and the local competition, but they have to aspire to surpass greatness – achieve a more powerful and physically impressive body than anyone before them, and never let any form of second-guessing keep them from that goal.

Of course, doing that alone is impossible. Anyone can hit the iron a few times a week and make some gains. Going to the gym regularly and getting strong is healthy, recommended, and absolutely doable. But bodybuilders have to do more than hit a three-plate deadlift or meet the strength standards for others in their weight class. They have to figuratively – and maybe even literally – move mountains. With the help of a sponsorship and legal steroids, you can give your body the edge it needs to take on the competition and shoot past your peak potential.

If you are active or a newbie in the bodybuilding arena feel free to learn what’s needed to qualify for a RoidGear.Net Sponsorship here

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