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Philadelphia Paternity Case of Shawn Carter Jay Z Seems to Show Fraud From the Beginning as Court Documents Reveal Fraud in Which Carried to New Jersey Among Attorneys, Courts and Carter

Philadelphia Case History Tells it All On Why James Rocco Removed Coley’s Name  and Put Wanda In Allege Collusion and Conspiracy to Commit Fraud

October 5, 2011 –  Lillie Coley retains Rocco with a fee agreement. Initially he worked Robert Graves case then was split and given to Julie of Fox and Rothchild.

December 9, 2011 – Fox and Rothchild effectively Vacates Graves July 16, 2010 Order at which Carter’s May 19, 2011 Advisory Order depended.  Caption:  Lillie Coley vs Wanda Satterthwatie docket no. 009413690

January 12, 2012 – Rocco filed a Motion to Intervene and Vacate May 19, 2011 Order for Coley;

 March 8, 2012 – Defense Attorney Ned Hark responses to Coley’s Motion filed on January 12, 2012;

 March  8,  2012–  Coley sends Rocco an email stating she felt disconnected from case, and they needed to talk and that it appeared that Defense Attorney Hark had been consulted about the case, and knew about the direction of case more than she;

March 27, 2012 – Wanda is in critical condition and was placed into a “medical comma” by her treating physician;

March 28, 2012 – Coley’s hearing was postponed for unknown reasons, and it appeared that Rocco had filed a Petition regarding Wanda on this date since Wanda could not possibly have been able to file anything in this matter as she had been medically incapacitated; Nevertheless, Judge Pechkrow provided an Order showing court actions on this date; See Order of Court and Doctor’s Note for Wanda.  This occurred after Defendants James Rocco spoke with Judge Peckhrow.

Wanda had received on about April 12, 2012 a Summons to Court and Order of Continuation from March 28, 2012 hearing, and Coley did not receive anything.

April 12, 2012 – Rocco Sends Coley an Amended complaint about which Coley questions the language; However, Coley provided her signed information of Verification on April 24, 2012 while never seeing the final copy of Amended complaint once she had questions;  Coley was never provided a WAIVER regarding Wanda;  Attorney Rocco later requested a Verification from Wanda on April 26, 2012 which was provided on April 26, 2012;

On or about April 26, 2012 – After Coley gets Wanda’s mail from her family regarding court summons Coley calls Rocco and leaves message stating not to go forward with changes of the case until they talked, and to keep everything the same; Coley also contacted Rocco on April 27, 2012 about this in an email stating ,“It was ironic” she didn’t get anything(Summons) this time in mail like Wanda indicating clearly a lack of informed consent;  Rocco never responded to her email nor Coley’s phone call about the same matter.

Coley provided emails and documents demonstrating her claims see attached filed Complaint.

Link of Files to Show History from Court’s Site

Judge Pechrow States Subject Jurisdiction of Rymir is in New Jersey

May 15, 2012 hearing Wanda is represented with no fee agreement, and Coley was unrepresented with a fee agreement.  Coley Motions from January 12, 2012 were never addressed at the hearing since the Judge Pechkrow stated they were “irrelevant” due to Wanda’s request before the court which was filed illegally. At the time neither Coley nor Wanda at this hearing knew was going on and Coley trusted her attorney. However, once Defendants James Rocco added Wanda as Petitioner, and her July 16, 2010 Order of Wanda/Carter then that change the entire trajectory of the case, and caused Coley’s standing in the matter to become “Moot” (see Judge Pechkrow comments regarding this). Hence, Rocco purposely made his client Coley become Moot and Irrelevant when he added Wanda Petitioner, and changed Coley’s pleading to match Wanda’s.  Defendants James Rocco appeared to be trying to make it appear that Wanda’s illegal request he submitted was the same as Coley, but they were definitely not.  As Coley was seeking to Vacate the May 19, 2011 since she had the New Information from December 9, 2011 regarding Graves.  There was no legal reason to add Wanda as party to the case, and the Order of June 14, 2012, once granted regardless, was easily reversed on the grounds of past 30 day time limit which could only applied to Wanda’s July 16, 2010 Order, as Coley never requested this Order in the first place and never had any legal standing on or reason to modify or vacate the July 16, 2010 Order.  The Amended Complaint filed for Coley by Rocco was illegally submitted, as stated there were two versions of Rocco’s petition (one he gave to Coley via email, and the other he filed with the Court).  Again, Coley nor Wanda requested Rocco to add the July 16, 2010 Order to the litigation which caused this 30 day restriction to occur.

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