Alison Saunders V Ade Samuel: Are we losing the fight to protect liberties to a bigoted and blind justice system?

It becomes rather disturbing and outright shameful when revered institutions and individuals that have been entrusted with the sacred duty of ensuring justice are blinded by corruption and dreadful bigotry. When you consider the account of Mr Samuel and his unfortunate entanglement with the Metropolitan Police Service and the Crown Prosecution Service, your reaction would come in many shades of intensely inexplicable emotions that unhurriedly begin with a deep feeling of empathy before suddenly graduating to a sequence of uncontrollable emotions, ranging from bewilderment, disbelief, shock, disgust, to palpable exasperation.

While any law abiding citizen of the UK is expected to be justifiably exasperated at the story seen here, you would most likely wind up being baffled and burdened with tons of reasonably pertinent ethical questions. After a meticulous assessment of this narrative, I am tempted to think that “justice is blind” and not in the context of impartiality but from how innocent individuals are sometimes victims of the justice system.

Interestingly, there are exceptionally rare cases of careless incarceration of innocent persons like Richard jones by the Kansas justice system. However, it is a completely different story when the police and criminal justice system fabricates and orchestrates incriminating evidence with false claims and cover-ups in an attempt to put an innocent man behind bars.

When the government of a country formulates rules (well intentioned) like the DV Positive Action Policy which mandates that an arrest must be made whenever there is a police callout involving a man and woman, it is safe to say that the male gender is very much under attack if invariably more often than not it is the man who gets arrested often on sight.

While everyone has been familiarized with the institutional evils of racism particularly the issue of police brutality and extrajudicial killings of blacks by law enforcement in the United States, it is important to point out this is also an attack on men that is being perpetuated by the police and justice system.

Even though existent to an infinitesimal degree, the presence of misogyny in society has ballooned into this sprawling dark thundercloud that obscures the growing threat that must partially explain why male suicide rates in the UK shot through the roof between 2007 till date . You may not have heard of it, but misandry is in fact, a brewing danger that is (as seen in this case) covertly being legitimized and perpetuated under the guise of feminism.

Mr Samuels “love deal” came with the very harsh and unforgiving reality of having a sickle cell partner. It seems very convenient to blurt out the overused cliché “loves conquers all”! In reality however, only genuine and unadulterated love can withstand the challenges that comes with the terrain. Mr Samuel sacrificed all of the conveniences of dating a healthy and “stable” partner for this woman he loved so dearly.

She happened to be the beloved but very frail daughter of very well-educated UK trained scientists. She happened to be “the one”. The couple were very much in love and for Samuel this meant wholly accepting the vagaries of her volatile life threatening condition. Samuel was irrevocably dedicated to his lady, marrying her regardless of the stigma surrounding her disease and its unsavoury ramifications: child birth would be high risk, marital bliss a task worthy of the marines for sheer workmanship and grit.

Even when Samuel’s father-a gifted surgeon- disapproved of his relationship with her and presented a clinical prognosis of her condition in terms so sterile-a lesser man would have fled. Undaunted, Samuel followed his heart. As a deterrent, Samuel’s father withdrew financial support for his education, still Samuel was undeterred. It was indeed a classic case of true love given the circumstances under which they met and Samuel’s love for her. She was in distress and needed a ride to the hospital and Samuel was more than willing to make his car available. Thus began their tale.

In the same way the relationship started, their whole relationship has been characterized by sudden and frequent hospitalizations, many moments of intense pain and discomfort, so many needles, and invasive treatment so numerous her ravaged veins eventually collapsed while her loved ones looked on helplessly in silent horror. This inseparable pair soon had to be apart temporarily. Samuel had to secure the funds to finance his aborted academic pursuits-the obligatory doctorate degree a father given to academic excellence demanded.

His wife moved to London to stay with her brother. One day came that fateful message from frantic emergency services: “agonizing chronic pain exacerbated by her isolation in London had become too unbearable” -his wife tried to take her own life! Samuel abandoned his academic dreams. His wife? her life? as usual came first. To his dismay, he became a victim of what could be best described as institutionalized misandry and corruption. A carefully orchestrated attempt by the Metropolitan Police Service to incarcerate Mr Samuel for domestic assault began to unfold. Alison Saunders letter to MP Stella Creasy in August 2010 identifying the taking of a statement all available evidence now exposes as a forgery, a travesty ; simply disgraceful!

While it is largely unknown why Alison Saunders might want to incarcerate an honourable man on grounds of domestic battery, the best guess of any rational thinking person would be misandry. After the conspiracy between MPS and Saunders to incarcerate an innocent man flopped, it is only proper that we know what motivated both institutions to behave in such a maliciously unscrupulous way.

It turns out that Samuel was disgruntled about the maltreatment of his wife in their home by police officers and raised a ruckus to wake up the dead. Instead of the officers to be remorseful for their actions, extant laws were weaponized to incriminate Samuel falsely for assaulting his own wife. As much as you would be offended by this scenario, when you contemplate the bond between Samuel and his wife, the blatant effrontery of the officer becomes particularly laughable.

Anyone in this situation would have called the officer’s bluff for a number of reasons. Certain individuals, unscarred by Police involvement still have some faith in the integrity of the MPS, naively believing that the extent of decadence in the Police force is an urban myth sold by ultra-liberals. Samuel was one such individual, never arrested before, uber polite, rushing in to protect his wife where “angels feared to tread”.

Falsely accused, his fate was sealed. While there have been reported cases of police planting incriminating evidence on people, most people would assume that an attempt by the police to falsify evidence and incriminate someone on domestic violence against his own wife is a step too far and quite frankly, a hard feat to accomplish.

It was a clear case of police incompetence when they had first arrested Jo- disabled as she was- whilst under the impression that she had assaulted her husband. To exacerbate the situation even further, Samuels’s wife, Jo was pregnant and required urgent medical assistance. For those who are well informed on the severity of sickle cell anaemia and how its episodes can be life threatening, you can begin to understand why Mr Samuel was agitated.

Jo picked up an infection locked up in an unsanitary cell. This aggravated her already precarious health leading to a two week sojourn in intensive care but while doctors battled to save her life and that of the foetus inside her that had stopped growing, an indifferent criminal justice system was finalizing plans to try this ill woman in crown court without the knowledge, participation or involvement of her enraged husband.

Any institution that is capable of orchestrating a hoax of this proportion only sends chills down my spine. For anyone who has followed this narrative, I am sure that you won’t feel safe anytime you hear the MPS.

The police have the sacred duty of protecting citizenry and property. However, a police officer forges a false statement in an attempt to lock away a loving husband who only wants to protect his wife and for her rights to be protected, to honour the sacred vows he swore in hallowed halls before God and men. “ …in sickness and in health”. For this -Samuel was charged with assaulting his wife and summarily tried because of a “clear and detailed statement” nobody ever saw, not his lawyers, not the court magistrates and definitely not the alleged victim herself!

More troubling is Alison Saunders and the involvement of the CPS in this hoax. The MPS had recorded that Jo was “distressed”, “confused”, unable to provide a mandatory “124d” witness statement however bizarrely and inexplicably, she gave a “legally” admissible “clear and detailed” statement that somehow included the fact she identified herself as a stateless asylum seeker. However, she was actually born in England and was as British as the Union Jack!

Jo vehemently refuted this fraudulently “misrepresented statements”, (supposedly one among others) dismissing the prosecution as a spiteful attempt to indict her husband on false charges.

When Samuel was subsequently acquitted in a trial that lasted all of two and a half minutes, he went on to institute legal action against the MPS and CPS in 2015. The CPS seemed to be in cohorts with the MPS as Saunders, the then Chief Crown Prosecutor for the CPS had lent support to the failed prosecutions corroborating the false accusations that Jo had given a witness statement on 12.12.2008 incriminating her husband.

However given the fact Saunders went on to say that this “statement could not be found”. The stance of Saunders simply got the MPS off the hook for their flagrantly atrocious act. This event calls to mind that there are many cases in which individuals have been wrongfully incarcerated based on police conspiracy.

The role of the CPS in ensuring justice should not be questioned. Should we allow bigotry and unethical practices hold sway over the very institutions that should guarantee our very freedom? What is the fate of the average individual on the street when the very people who have been entrusted to protect your liberties can in fact, orchestrate an entire hoax to put you in jail? Why does the criminal justice system seem to ooze bias against men? Are our laws, institutions and social arrangement designed to demonize and unfairly persecute men? All of these questions and more sadly remain unanswered.

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