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DreamSculpt Books announces the launch of “DYING ON PURPOSE: How My Near-Death Experience Can Change Your Life.”

January 23, 2018 ( – When taking their last breath, how many people would feel they lived their life on purpose? This is a very difficult question, but one that can inspire self-reflection and possibly change the course of people’s lives. Author H. Richard Steinhoff had an epiphany after a near-death experience and found his life’s purpose. His journey will help other people find their true purpose. The book is being identified as a page-turner.

Dying On Purpose will also show how to experience extraordinary happiness and contentment, enjoy life and feel fulfilled, make a difference and leave a legacy, feel really “alive,” and live longer to do it all Everyone on this planet was put here for a purpose.
Anyone who doesn’t know their purpose needs to read this book.

“Richard Steinhoff’s story of discovery of his life’s purpose through a near death experience is a fascinating encounter with a Heavenly being, teaching that we all have a distinct purpose for being here to serve humanity. His inventory of life questions and actions will help anyone wishing to complete their mission here on Earth.” ~ Brian Goodell, Olympic Gold Medalist


About Us:

H. Richard Steinhoff is a best-selling author, speaker, and community leader, dedicated to making life better for others. From working on the Apollo Program, to fundraising for the arts, to receiving numerous awards, he could never imagine he would write a book about his near-death experience that would change people’s lives around the world.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with H. Richard Steinhoff, contact Jared Rosen by phone or e-mail.