Farmers Blend Coffee Is Kickstarting Vietnamese Coffee Culture To The Next Level

Farmers Blend Coffee is on the mission to bring the flavor of authentic Vietnamese coffee to the rest of the world. They have launched a Kickstarter campaign and are looking to get the right support so that people at large could enjoy the real taste of rich Vietnamese coffee with all its benefits.

Ho Chi Minh City – Not only is Farmers Blend Coffee on the mission to bring the exciting Vietnamese Coffee Culture to the World but also envisions a greater responsibility as they source all raw coffee from local farmers in the highlands of Vietnam. This strategy is also be aiding the farmers in raising their living standard and can help them in generating a sustainable income as well as it benefits coffee connoisseurs around due to higher quality coffee using professional processing techniques.

Dietmar, the head of the Kickstarter campaign and owner of Farmers Blend Coffee was quoted as saying, “I have been living in Vietnam the past 8 years and when I started Farmers Blend Coffee some 2 years ago, I realized that everyone should get the chance to taste this rich coffee with it’s fascinating culture around it. I encourage all coffee lovers and crowdfunding enthusiasts to pledge their support to move our mission to the next level.”

Vietnamese coffee is different as people here take their coffee very serious. The intense aroma and the perfect flavor ensure to give every coffee lover a true value for their money. The Vietnamese take the coffee brewing process both as a celebration and a ceremony which allows for a very unique experience. Unlike out western habits where everything has to go fast on the move, Vietnamese Coffee Culture is renowned for celebrating the little things in life, which is often forgotten in our western civilization.

By choosing to pledge for this Kickstarter campaign, every individual would support a common goal, bringing a culture to the world where the smaller things in life are appreciated, once again. Besides supporting Farmers Blend Coffee’s mission, all backers are able to choose from a range of delicious Vietnamese coffee products, which will be ready to fulfill just a couple weeks after the crowdfunding campaign has ended successfully.

As there is limited time left for this campaign, people are requested to look into the details of the Kickstarter project and choose the kind of support they would like to extend. Product pledges ranging from as little as 3 Euro to as much as 25 Euro and are fulfilled worldwide. With every little contribution, Farmers Blend Coffee would come closer to living their dream and helping coffee lovers all over the world cherish the true taste of Vietnamese coffee.

With the right amount of funds, Farmers Blend Coffee would get its company structure complete and it can then execute its plan to become a recognized Vietnamese Coffee Brand.

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