Business Building Strategist Releases Marketing Fundamentals Paperback

JVV Enterprises, a business marketing firm, located in Las Vegas, USA, released its latest book, “Marketing Basics for Small Business” on Amazon.

This book, now available in print edition, shows small and medium business owners how to create an effective marketing plan for their business, as well as a unique selling point, and branding. The title also shows business owners how to maximize the potential of their business using vital tools that attract potential customers.

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Released on Amazon in late January 2017, the book, written by Jeff Visaya, owner and founder of JVV Enterprises, is filled with ‘must know’ business information for any entrepreneur looking to crack the customer attraction code. Forget conventional, and get back to basics, with Jeff Visaya’s title, as it highlights how marketing functions and why it acts as a draw-card for customers.

Marketing Basics for Small Business Owners, which is over 94-pages in length, contains five powerful chapters on building a better business. These sections include the Basics of Marketing, Branding and Elevator Speeches, and Marketing Methods and Techniques, as well as Targeting Marketing Effects.

Visaya’s book is written in an easy to understand format using simple language, rather than jargon, and is ideal for start-up businesses or entrepreneurs who want to know more about marketing. Overall, purchasers of the book will find it a useful marketing tool that allows them to attract more leads and to maximize business growth.

Author, Jeff Visaya founded JVV Enterprises after completing a Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Engineering degree. As an entrepreneur himself, Jeff Visaya now focuses his energies on lead generation and better business building strategies for small and medium businesses globally.

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