Adversity can crush the spirit or strengthen it

The state of Today’s society and that of the world itself is a recipe for adversities. More than ever many people are unconsciously relying on their ego for protection. This protection is a shell that wraps around their heart causing additional negative energy.

Although not easy, the solution lie within their hearts and their eternal soul. It is a strength within that becomes buried by this energy that ignites an energy and limited thoughts that hold them prisoner.  It is when we allow our spirit to process, accept not necessarily like or approve), express emotions that are associated with the present adversity and learn from the adversity. View life’s hardships as an invitation to learn.

Oprah Winfrey said, “Turn your wounds into wisdom.” Once we find the inner warrior and unveil it that eternal light that we all possess we are able to overcome and understand the adversity by allowing it to unfold and absorb the wisdom that is hidden within the core of each of life’s misfortunes and difficulties.

By accepting life on life’s terms and becoming mindful that life is not in our control we may begin to come to terms with what we have and where we are at on our life journey. It may not appear to be but everyone is exactly where they are meant to be!

Life is about balance. It is yin and yang, light vs the dark, happy vs sadness, acceptance vs resentment anger vs amiability and becoming altruistic. An unknown once wrote their philosophy on dark moments. “Run not from darkness. Shield not your eyes from the light. Embrace the darkness as well as the light. For does the light not cast shadows? And without the dark how can we know the light? Both are one and the same, separate yet joined. As left and right, as male and female, as up and down, are dark and light. Without one, the other can have no meaning. As they are but two phases of the same energy. Know that in the darkness, there is light. And in light there is darkness.”

The Chinese knew this back in ancient times and we all know this as the symbol of yin and yang today. Nothing is absolute only love. Darkness is an illusion that disappears with the light. Fear is an illusion that disappears with love. Ego is an illusion that disappears in the Oneness that we are all a part of. We are each a drop in the ocean of life.

During this time of chaos in the world many get caught up in the negative they wonder why me, why are all these bad things are happening in the world and to myself and the ones I love.

Today we can’t get caught up in these question. It’s ok to ask them if we allow such questions to seek within. Spiritual evolution is our classroom here on the school of earth. The subject is adversity. The lessons and wisdom gathered is the soul’s purpose and blessed opportunity to live this life. Life isn’t always a bed of roses in fact between every rose are a bunch of thorns.

Adversities come in many different forms; world disasters, terminal illnesses, life altering accidents, abuse, hardships, addictions, life and death, lifelong diseases such as cancer, difficult relationships etc. Many allow these thorns to define their reality, by bringing them to a point of despair, fear, anger and resentment. More and more life challenges may come their way.

If perceptions and thinking can be shifted the windows of the soul clear and see that the ebb and flow of happy times and difficult time are invitations for change for the highest purpose of ourselves. We have the free will to see such change that shows us how to not be. In fact it’s an opportunity to better ourselves.

The kind of changes to help ourselves break out of our self-induced jail cell and to even help others with support, understand, kindness and love. In turn they are able to see the light at the end of their tunnel, change to shift their outlook on life and live life for everything life has to offer with happiness, love, faith and hope. Let us never harden our hearts but release the shell of ego and strengthen the muscles around it.

Don’t be defined by life tragedies.Everyone in life has been overcome with some sort of life challenge. Adversities are invitations in disguise to transform, transcend, transition and find the natural peace that was born into us all. How we do this by invoking the warrior energy with in us and facing adversity head on.

After every storm the sunshine’s again so don’t get caught in the eye of the storm allow the storm to blow you into calmer currents. “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” Jimmy Dean

Deborah Livingston is an award winning International Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Author of Strand of Pearls and a Shaman. Deborah has been attending the Arthur Findlay College in England annually where she takes mediumship course and is a member of the Spiritualist National Union. Deborah is a member of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics and listed on Bob Olson’s best psychic medium directory.


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