GSS releases the new version 4 solar power bank

Chinese battery manufacturer GSS launched a new solar power bank with extra 4 solar panel, at a GSS convention held in Shenzhen on 25th Dec, 2016.

The Solar battery charger – 10000mAh Solar battery Power Bank charger With Fold-able 4 Solar Panels and Backup Battery comes with some special features which are listed bellow.

1. 10000mAh high capacity polymer battery, can recharge itself under sunlight.
2. Dual USB charger ports, universal device compatibility.
3. Elegant small and portable easy to use.
4. 5 LED status of charge indicators indicate the charging and discharging process.
5. Compact and convenient.
6. Comes with a hook so you can simply attach it to your backpack.
7. Super rainproof, shock-resistant and dust proof.
8. They’re great as a flashlight or as emergency lighting in darkness, the flashing light mode can be used as SOS.
9. Build-in Polymer battery cells, anti-explosion, lightweight, compact and reliable.

10. Long lifespan with more than 600 recharging times.
11. It’s a useful tool for camping or other outdoor activities.

The solar power bank is compatible with all smartphones and most mobile devices and it is mostly used for out door activities like hiking, camping e.t.c

By April 30th 2017 GSS plans to improve the product by adding some additional features and a huge increase in the battery capacity and some other features that makes for more user experince and convinence.

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