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Ariel Benet Savant, a health, personal growth and development author, launched a new book called “Declutter Guide: How to Organize Your Life in 2 Weeks or Less: Organizing Tips to Simplify your Life”. The guide examines the reasons behind cluttering and provides actionable habit-breaking tips.

Ariel Benet Savant, a professional author specializing in health, personal growth and development, launched a new Kindle book called “Declutter Guide: How to Organize Your Life in 2 Weeks or Less: Organizing Tips to Simplify your Life”.

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Home and workplace clutter is a serious problem nowadays, as shopping has become a favorite pastime for many. Being surrounded by numerous objects that are not of immediate use has been shown to decrease productivity, create an unpleasant living and working atmosphere, and even affect relationships, as people with cluttered homes tend to invite less people over for different social events.

More and more people have started looking for professional solutions for decluttering their homes and workplaces. The internet is filled with articles and videos on home organizing. However, the most productive approach seems to be a clear, step-by-step series of actionable tips, rather than a random collection of scattered information.

The new Kindle book by Ariel Benet Savant aims to help people declutter their homes and organize their lives and personal spaces to better respond to their immediate needs.

According to the author, decluttering has more psychological implications than simply organizing: “Decluttering has you take a hard look at your personal space and your life. You look at everything and ask yourself specific questions. You’ll discover why you feel disorganized, chaotic, and often drained.”

“Declutter Guide” has been developed as a practical guide helping people understand the underlying reasons behind their cluttering habits and providing them with a series of actionable tips for solving this problem.

The guide aims to help people understand the home and workplace items that have to be kept and those that can be disposed of without any further problems. To this end, “Declutter Guide” provides clear instructions for setting up a clear, simple plan for home and workplace decluttering.

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