Kerstetter Law Haddon Township New Client Review Commercial: Reputation Media TV

Kerstetter Law Haddon Township New Jersey has a new high quality client review commercial produced and published by Reputation Media TV. The client, who wishes to remain anonymous, expresses their gratitude towards all the hard work the firm has done for their family.

For people looking for a new lawyer to handle their family legal issues, Reputation Media TV has recently published a new video commercial from one of the satisfied clients of Kerstetter Law in Haddon Township. To protect the identity of the client they have requested that their name not be included. Kerstetter Law wanted to show how much pride they take into the work their firm does so memorializing the client’s review by creating a commercial out of it was the best way to present it for future clients to see.

This new video review can be viewed at this link: Kerstetter Law Haddon Township Review Commercial

Kerstetter Law LLC is headquartered in Haddon Township NJ. The firm serves all of New Jersey and Pennsylvania and are experts in the areas of family law, matrimonial law, and estate planning law. They have the experience needed to provide potential clients with the legal advice they need, to ensure that their case reaches the best possible outcome. “I would recommend Jeff to anyone that needed help with family law. Jeff is honest and just a good guy. My family can not thank him enough”, says the recent satisfied client in their review.

Divorce is certainly not inevitable. In fact, regardless of what a person may have heard repeated over and over, marriage has about a 75% chance of working out just fine. That being said, protecting one’s assets from the consequences of a divorce, even if that divorce never comes to pass, is something many people strongly consider. While the law in the State of New Jersey continues to evolve with regard to the issue of marital agreements, Kerstetter Law firm is certainly able to describe the various types of agreements which are available and the standards applying to them with regard to enforceability.

However, are there many more hurdles to enforcing an agreement made after two people are married but before they file a complaint for divorce? Absolutely. And will there be the potential for prolonged litigation with regard to any agreement entered into after a marriage but prior to the filing of a complaint for divorce? Absolutely. In order to try and create an enforceable mid-marriage agreement of any sort, there needs to be a demonstrable full and fair disclosure of all debts and assets between the parties to the agreement.

Both parties should ideally have been represented by counsel when negotiating and effectuating the document, crucial (redacted) financial documents should be discussed and even attached to the agreement itself. Additionally, the amount of time which has passed between the creation of the document and the time when enforcement is sought can be critical as well, especially if things have changed substantially for one or both parties.

If a person is considering marriage and have thoughts about protecting their business or their retirement assets or any number of existing properties or personal items, discussing a prenuptial agreement with an experienced family law attorney is a prudent use of funds. Similarly, if they wish to draft an agreement after they are already married, good counsel from a skilled practitioner could make all of the difference later when and if enforcement is sought. At Kerstetter Law, LLC they are experienced in all aspects of family law and litigation, including all varieties of marital agreements. Call them any time and their helpful staff will be glad to set up a no obligation and completely confidential consultation to discuss thoughts and concerns.

The primary area of practice at Kerstetter Law is family matters and they focus on helping their potential clients get the best possible results given the facts and law at hand. For those that want to learn more, they can simply go to where they can find information on a wide range of family law legal issues or they can call them.

Jeffrey Alan Kerstetter, Esquire, the principal attorney and managing partner at Kerstetter Law says, “We’re always happy to help, because satisfied clients are the key to our success and we achieve our goals one client at a time.”

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