Best Selling Pink Flamingo Float By Teddy Shake Offers Free Shipping on Purchase

Teddy Shake announced that free shipping is available for their #1 ranked pink flamingo float.

Although the Christmas holiday season is fast approaching, summer is still on the minds of many as sales for the Teddy Shake inflatable pink flamingo float continue to increase. The Teddy Shake flamingo tube is currently the #1 ranked flamingo inflatable on

“This time of year is popular for online shopping,” said company spokesperson Bailey Anderson. “It is also a very expensive time of year. One of the advantages of selling our products exclusively on Amazon are the opportunities for customers to purchase our float, and not have to pay shipping charges. On Amazon, if you are an Amazon Prime customer, anything you purchase will receive free shipping, including our float. If you are not an Amazon Prime customer, as long as your total shopping order is greater than $49, your order will ship for free. You can do this by purchasing two of our floats, or you can do this by buying our float and some laundry detergent. The choices is yours, and our customers indicate they love this flexibility of ways to get free shipping.”

The Teddy Shake flamingo float measures 80-inches in length, making it one of the larger float options. It is made of a bright pink, durable vinyl that will not loose air while being used, or while sitting by the water. Customers love the Teddy Shake inflatable, with over 260 reviews written to date, 100% of customers wrote they like their flamingo float. The average customer review rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars, one of the highest for floats on Amazon. A satisfied customer wrote a five-star review and said, “I was sooooo super excited to get this! I didn’t expect how big it truly was but it is HUGE for sure! It is so sturdy that it even holds a large amount of weight. The kids absolutely love it! It’s so much fun! It’s made a thick material that is really durable. I’ve even had multiple kids and adults piled on it and it works great still! Can’t wait to use this next summer!”

The pink inflatable flamingo float by Teddy Shake is currently priced at $39.99. Many of Amazon’s free shipping options will ensure the float arrives before the holiday.

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