Featured Entrepreneur – Founder Dani Felt

As a 26-year-old modern renaissance woman, Dani does it all: she sings, song writes, manages talent, and creates courses for aspiring business leaders. But these specialties didn’t just fall in her lap; she worked hard for them. From her humble beginnings, she sang lullabies and put on shows at 5-years-old in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. The lights and music of Broadway set a fire of passion for music deep inside of her soul. At such a young age, she was not a happy child. But music, according to her, really saved her and helped get her through life.

 Dani Felt CEO

Five years later, Dani decided to become serious about her dreams and took vocal lessons. Felt studied under several vocal coaches. From music camps like Performance Plus to writing on her own, she began to not only develop her dream but also develop her talents as well. The 10-year-old focused on creating a unique style of harmonic power, especially in the genres of folk, pop, and soul. Dani’s style of singing stems from a combination of her main influences, Adele and Regina Spektor. However, staying true to her Broadway-influenced roots was always a priority. Most of her fans describe her as Stevie Nicks meets Joni Mitchell with a dash of Adele. It isn’t her style alone that makes her different from others. Her fans have claimed that her music really speaks to them and through them, and that it truly has a remarkable healing power in their lives. Since music helped her as a child, Dani finds joy in allowing her recordings to help others cope with life’s adversities. She has released a three-track EP titled Emotional Release, which features “Drowned in Heartache”, “Jail Time Duet”, and “Tear Drops of Rain”. Her most popular track, “Drowned in Heartache”, is about a high school love affair ending in heartache. Dani claims that a broken heart is one of the best inspirations for songwriting.

 Singer Dani Felt

Her music isn’t her only accomplishment, either. She released her music as part of a charity compilation album titled In the Spotlight, which helped raise money for The Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation. Dani collaborated with others in the industry to help record the talented artists featured on the album. Felt is also a co-writer of a book that teaches up-and-coming entertainers to find themselves and navigate through the music industry. Ultimately, Dani’s a major force in the music industry for finding and developing talent as an A&R, a networker who puts talent with talent, and a future entrepreneur with her own record label. This young, talented, and rising star will one day be a name to know in the music industry.

 Dani Felt Consulting

How did Dani Felt Consulting come about?

Dani Felt Consulting came about from the inspiration of my old company, Creative Spotlights (dissolved in the summer of 2016).  I have such a passion for singing, writing music, and marketing. I always realized the importance of team building and having the right resources. I also had an innate talent for networking, so creating a company based around using the right resources from the people I regularly network with just made sense to me. I wanted to create a place that artists can find all the right people under one roof.

Dani Felt CEO

An A&R person finds different talent for the record labels & management companies. I have had the opportunity to do A&R for Big Management, one of the top music management companies in the electronic music scene.

Singer Dani Felt

Tell us about your experience auditioning for NBC’s The Voice, and how are you using this experience as an entrepreneur?

Dani Felt Consulting

Though I never got past the audition round, trying out for The Voice was a life-changing experience. First of all, it inspired me to move to New York City. Second, seeing so many artists out there made me realize what a huge market singers/bands/songwriters work with. I realize there are so many singer/songwriters out there that need resources and don’t know where to go. Seeing thousands upon thousands of artists lining up the door to have a chance to be heard made me realize I definitely chose the right audience to work with.

You created a charitable venture—tell us about it.

I always knew music had a powerful impact on people’s lives.  In my freshman year of college, I put together a compilation album called Under The Spotlight to raise money for the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation. This album was made of talented performers I knew from my college, University of New Haven. It was a life-changing experience, as it taught me the passion I have for leadership and project management. It also amazed me to see what happens when people come together for a common goal and the difference they can make.

You have other ventures. Could you tell us about them too?

Creative Spotlights

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