Joy Of Coloring Peaceful Patterns Now Distributed Globally.

SPRING, TX – Artist/Designer Lisa Henderson has released her first series of therapeutic coloring books, The Joy of Coloring Peaceful Patterns, which is now available through leading global online e-tailer The adult coloring books, a relaxing mix of simple and complex patterns, retailing for $9.95 US each recently added to Henderson’s craft and hobbies sales catalog and are live on Amazon now.

Henderson, a business and life coach, has specifically designed this product series with the needs of stressed adults foremost. Why should children have all the fun? Each book contains patterns in the shape of mandalas, geometric patterns often used as attention focusing objects.

“I am excited about this retail relationship,” stated Henderson of her release, “as I am constantly on the lookout for quality innovative products that will help adults lead less stressful lives. Being able to do this by servicing the greater Amazon customer community is empowering for me.” will allow Henderson to service customers with things like Free Shipping, Wider international availability and guarantees.  It is a relationship that Henderson looks forward to building and expanding in the near future.

A recent CNN report stated that many from ‘researchers at Johns Hopkins University to the editors of Yoga Journal suggested coloring as an alternative to meditation’. The report further stated that the American Art Therapy Association was likening adult coloring books as an ‘art therapy in which the process of making and creating artwork is used to do things such as exploring one’s feelings, reconciling emotional conflicts, fostering self-awareness, and even managing behavior and addictions by improving reality orientation, reducing anxiety and increasing one’s self-esteem’.

Henderson’s products are designed to be therapeutic as well as offering artistic expression to individuals. Through, Henderson is even able to offer additional satisfaction guarantees and promotions with her products.

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