Lifestyle Family Teacher Organizes Extraordinary People Awards

Many family teachers tend to settle with working with a few clients. However, Dr. LaVerne wanted to go a step further.  Dr. LaVerne Adekunle used her talents and abilities very wisely as she founded laExpose’ Productions and came up with the idea of setting up the Extraordinary People Awards. In truth there are many extraordinary people around us, and they deserve to be given recognition so as to inspire others while congratulating them on their accomplishments. This award is intended to particularly praise people for their philanthropic or humanitarian efforts. Dr. LaVerne started off by organizing and hosting the Community Service Awards back in 1999. She did this with Congressman Marion Berry as the Speaker. On that same year there was the County Summit with Winthrop Rockefeller as her keynote. The awards first event brought in many people from 25 different countries. There were various celebrities, entrepreneurs, politicians, artists and performers. Fast forward to this year, the event is going to take an even more elegant and lavish setting since it will kick off on a dinner cruise. Everyone that knows Dr.LaVerne Adekunle will share her greatness she share with others.

Dr. LaVerne graduated from school in Blytheville, Arkansas. She attended the Aenon Bible College in Ramstein Germany In 1988. She holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy in Christian Education from the New Testament Biblical Institute and a former Adjunct Professor at this Institute. Apart from her extensive educational accomplishments, Dr. LaVerne was acclaimed with various awards over the years, including the International Book Award and the USA Book Award for her ‘The World’s Luckiest Journal’. She also received the Who’s Who in Business, Points of Light Award in 2009 and the Notable 2000 Women Award in 2000. In 2014 Dr. LaVerne won the Psalmist of the Year in the Love Music Awards, as well as the Promote of the Year Award in 2015. Another prestigious award that was given to Dr. LaVerne is the CA Award as Community Leader in London England.

She is also on the Board of Global TruceWorks, the Youth Peace Conference and Women of Ruth Production. Dr. LaVerne received a Proclamation from the County Mayor. This was for the Wear Green Day for Ebola Awareness – Make a Difference Day. She is also an avid contributor to the entertainment business, particularly the filming industry. In fact she is a member of the Nashville Filmmakers.

Dr. LaVerne’s continuous efforts to help and assist others have not gone unnoticed. In fact she was featured on the cover of Speak Loud Magazine, and there were also a number of articles written about her work on the Equanimity and Shabbach Magazines. She also had a number of television appearances on Crystal TV in Accra, Grana, Afrowood TV in Demark, and KITV in Las Vegas under Hearon Media.

Probably one of the major accomplishments of Dr. LaVerne’s career is the fact that she founded LaExpose in 2010. This is a global entertainment and talent promotion agency that is the epitome of how much she always wanted to expose new talents and make noteworthy people get some more recognition. She has always been dedicated to having musicians, publishers, writers, authors and other people expose their particular talents and skills. Now, with over 225 artists hailing from 24 countries, laExpose’ has certainly managed to put various talented people on the map of recognition, which is after all something that they deserve. In 2012 laExpose’ motion graphics even served as a preview for the Dove Award winning movie, Discovering Our Mothers and she is featured in the reality show pilot Ladies in the Pulpit.

The Extraordinary People Awards will be held on the 16th and 17th September 2016. A lavish dinner cruise will be the highlight of the 16th of September. This will be in partnership with Dr. Tola Olukiede, the Founder of Heal the World Mission, TPT Global Tech, Centertainment Media, Dwayne Coley Music. laExpose’ shall be honouring various international leaders and personalities for their service to others in the community. This year Hector Picard is the Man of the Year, Dwayne S. Coley, Person of the Year and Honorable Dorah Illunga is going to receive the honor of Woman of the Year. For more on Dr. LaVerne or Extraordinary People Awards follow online.

The late ZigZiglar said ‘If you help enough people to get what they want you will get what you want’. Dr. LaVerne Adekunle is living proof of this. Her success in helping people reach their goal says it all.

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