Top Astrologer Predicts Donald Trump’s Political Future

Leading international astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore writes insightful horoscopes that help millions of people around the world to navigate the many twists and turns of modern life.

And now she has settled her predictive gaze on US Republican nominee Donald Trump. “Many of my readers have been asking if I think Donald Trump will win the Presidency” Ms Moore said. “I’ve studied his horoscope and it reveals heaps of self-confidence coupled with narcissistic tendencies. As for the election, Trump has very difficult planetary transits in November. So I have turned my observations into a timely poem.”

Donald Trump’s Horoscope

The Donald is running for President of the USA

So what does his horoscope have to say?

A double Gemini, he speaks with forked-tongue

Promises the Moon but can he get the job done?

Uranus conjuncts his Sun so his personal style

Is egocentric and unpredictably wild.

With Mars and Leo Rising he’s the media star

Whose hyperbole goes a step too far

His belligerence knows no bounds

When others disagree, he shouts them down.

The home of the brave and the land of the free

Is increasingly troubled by violence and greed

But he promises to make America great

With walls and guns and fear and hate.

So what do the heavens have to say

About his fate on election day?

Under the influence of Saturn, planet of karma

Mr Trump will finally meet his dharma.

Come November 8 his chances are dire

When voters make their choice and say

“Donald … you’re fired!”


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