Rising Pop Star Zaena Morisho Announces Release of hot new EP ‘Zaena Now’ to Quick Praise

Combining diverse styles of music, with a high energy all her own pop recording artist and performer Zaena Morisho seems poised to explode.

Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, raised in Houston and living in Los Angeles her diverse life experiences have been fuel for great music and her recently released new EP ‘Zaena Now‘ may be her best work yet.

Recording artist, performer and model Zaena Morisho is a living example of the global reach of pop culture and sensibilities. Born in the DR of the Congo and raised in Houston, one of the hotbeds of urban music, her influences in both experience and in her art are wildly diverse. This can be seen all over her recently released new EP “Zaena Now”, which many are pointing to as a perfect introduction to what Zaena’s offering.

High energy pop crossing over into EDM at points carrying the powerful message of a strong woman, honest enough to admit her flaws and imperfections. The EP has been introduced to the masses with its first single “What Do U Want?”, where Zaena breaks down many of the challenges women face in relationships everyday.

“I put a great deal into this EP and I know fans will appreciate the raw honesty,” commented Zaena about her Zaena Now. “Plus there’s great songs to dance to too. I’m looking forward to seeing what people think.”


Zaena Now” sets the stage for her full length album scheduled for a 2017 release. Global, independent and not afraid to use her voice Zaena Morisho may just be the next pop superstar.

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