Chevy Silverado vs Ford Super Duty Denver Colorado War Escalates in Denver

When the Silverado and Super Duty, two very powerful pickups, are pitted against each other, it is a close battle. For a long time, it has been Ford versus Chevy; it is time to review the changes and see which vehicle comes out on top.

Denver Colorado, – Chevrolet and Ford has just released competing sales figures as part of their longtime competition in the pickup truck segment of the automotive industry. The recent figures have led both car manufacturers to claim victory for their own company, but these developments have also made clear that the completion is escalating. In Denver, Colorado, commercial dealerships such as Dye Autos have been helping out potential buyers by trying to point out the differences between the 2 vehicles.

“We’re the clear market leader,” said Mark LaNeve, the Mark LaNeve, Ford Motor Co.’s vice president for U.S. marketing, sales and service. “They’re going to try things. They tried this, and the numbers speak for themselves.”

The Ford F-Series have been the best-selling pickup truck in the USA since 1977, and the best-selling vehicle overall since 1981. With the new Ford Super Duty Denver Colorado residents can also enjoy an even better vehicle.

“The all-new Super Duty is the toughest, most capable Super Duty ever,” asserted Brian Rathsburg, the Super Duty marketing manager from Ford. “With a host of driver-assist technologies, it is also the smartest Super Duty ever.”

However, with the new Chevrolet Silverado Denver Colorado residents now also enjoy a worth challenger to the Ford dominance. In the ads for the Chevy Silverado Denver Colorado were able to see blistering attacks on Ford vehicles, especially for the aluminum F-150.

Both the Ford F-series and the Chevrolet Silverado gained USA full-size pickup share in June. Ford jumped by 0.6%, and made up 38.1% of the pickup market. The Chevy Silverado market share increased by 1.6%, and it made up 26.7% of the pickup segment.

“The sales figures don’t tell the whole story,” adds Jim Cain, the spokesman for Chevrolet. “About 10% of Silverado buyers in June previously owned an F-150, and that’s the highest figure of previous F-series owners in five years.”

Comparisons between the Super Duty and the Silverado have been made by dealerships such as Dye Autos. In many ways, they offer similar performance.

“Both have matchless capabilities in regards to hauling and other heavy duty tasks,” confirms Scott Dye. “They’re both powered by similar V8 diesel engines.”

But there are some notable differences between the two pickup trucks. In terms of power, the Super Duty comes out ahead. The towing capability of the Silverado is superior, as it can tow 14,800 pounds with the standard engine.

For an overview of the differences between these heavyweights, visit YouTube for the short video. Click here for the full details of the comprehensive Chevy Silverado verses Ford Super Duty Denver Colorado report generated by Dye Autos.

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