5000 Shy or Lonely Men Needed

A GoFundMe campaign to recruit shy or lonely men to prove the How To Get All The Girls You Want! method to attract women is Guaranteed by Google advertising standards.

Las Vegas, NV   If you are a man having problems dating or mating Women, Arthur Gordon, author of How To Get All The Girls You Want!© (howtogetgirls.com) needs You!

Calling his GoFundMe campaign How 2 Understand Women and Find the 1, Arthur Gordon has a goal: get Google to allow use of the word “Guaranteed” on his website howtogetgirls.com. Gordon needs men to try the method to “attract, captivate and control women” contained in How To Get All The Girls You Want!©  He claims it is “Guaranteed” to work. (And yes, he said “control women.”)

Donate $5, receive a pdf copy of his 158-page book and prepare to become a “chick magnet”.

“I wrote How To Get All The Girls You Want!© in 1990.  One of the original books on the subject. I was the guy who ran the little ads “Get All The Girls You Want – Guaranteed! Free Proof!” in the back of magazines like Rolling Stone and National Lampoon, next to the ad for the x-ray specs”.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the book, Gordon wants to get the third-party verification Google says he needs to allow the word “Guaranteed” to be used. He posts the email exchange with Google for proof of the validity of his offer.

“I’ve quietly sold over 10,000 copies worldwide during the last 25 years and have had 13 – THIRTEEN – people ask for their money back.  That’s a refund rate of one one/thousandth of one percent!  If that’s not guaranteed, what is? I’ve always used the word “Guaranteed” in my advertising. Because it is. This book is a proven winner.”

Gordon also gives access to a Facebook group as part of the $5 donation to answer questions, give advice and enjoy hearing success stories.

So instead of buying a sub or a lunch combo, for a $5 donation you can join Arthur Gordon’s  How 2 Understand Women and Find the 1 GoFundMe campaign and let the Love Games begin! Can Arthur Gordon’s method to attract Women really be called “Guaranteed“? Test it yourself to see and post your results!

– See more at: http://www.datsyn.com/press-release/13950/2016/07/24/5000-Shy-or-Lonely-Men-Needed#sthash.8EKai3di.dpuf