Start Visa Process 6-8 Months Before Doing Business in U.S.

If a foreign intends to do business in the United States he should start the visa process at a local consulate six to eight months ahead of their move. A group of prospective investors was given this information by a panel of experts at the Select USA summit recently. Submitting paperwork in advance is the most cost effective strategy for companies. It is crucial to work with a “local concierge” in the target region of the business.

The EB-5 visa for immigrant investors can grant them and their family a permanent residency known as a Green Card. There is a cap of 10,000 people for the EB-5 visa, including the immediate family members of investors. After being vetted, their source of funds is examined, and their comprehensive business plans are reviewed based on their submission of an “economically valid model” containing “verifiable detail.”

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