Marlon Kobacker Contributes New Article on Overcoming Capital Cost Barriers in Sustainable Building Design

Marlon Kobacker, a director with Sustainable Future Group, is announcing the publication of a new article detailing specific strategies for overcoming common capital cost barriers relating to the implementation of sustainable building design principles.

With the release of a new article on the subject of sustainable building design and the capital cost barrier, Marlon Kobacker‘s commitment to the advancement of the sustainable design and renewable energy industry continues to be plainly evident through his prolific written contributions to a wide range of professional publications and academic journals. Kobacker is announcing the immediate release and availability of the article, which details the nature of the most common capital cost barriers associated with the implementation of sustainable design principles while also relaying how these barriers can be easily overcome.

Kobacker’s most recent article, which is currently available to readers through Darren Pawski’s digital business advisory publication, outlines many of the strategies used by the sustainable design expert in his professional role as director of Sustainable Future Group and details the many ways in which these strategies are implemented to ensure improved sustainability performance and reduced operational costs. Through in-depth analysis and a detailed overview of the various processes involved in implementation, Kobacker’s article offers comprehensive insight valuable to professionals across all industries.

“Capital costs represent a significant barrier to the implementation of sustainable design principles, but unnecessarily so,” said Kobacker, explaining the rationale behind his ongoing commitment to publishing such in-depth research and analysis. “Removing these capital cost barriers and demonstrating the potential reduction in operating costs while also reducing the overall environmental impact is an absolutely critical responsibility, and I take that responsibility quite seriously.”

The frequently published author of articles and books on his extensive areas of expertise has also been able to consistently advance the sustainable design industry through the development of creative design concepts and practices. Despite the demanding nature of his diverse professional endeavors, Kobacker noted that he is currently at work on additional articles on the subject of sustainable design and currently has plans to publish another book on “achieving ultra low-carbon performance.”

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