Build better SAP Fiori apps with new Stelo, the Fiori App Generator from Arch

Arch (, a leader in user experience (UX) technologies for SAP solutions, today announced the availability of a new web application generator tool, Stelo, for SAP Business Suite software.

LONDON, U.K. – Stelo is an SAP® Fiori app generator which enables SAP customers to accelerate the development process for custom web applications and the delivery of better Fiori apps through process integration and standardisation.

Stelo provides the framework for the development and management of custom SAP Fiori apps, enabling organisations to easily build and maintain a suite of Fiori apps and also the related end-to-end business processes be they complex or straightforward.

“We are delighted to be making Stelo available to SAP customers,” said Henry Blythe, CEO, Arch. “Stelo can deliver so much value, so quickly, that it needs to be seen to be believed.  The feedback we are getting from our customers and partners is overwhelming.”

Using Stelo, Arch has built a leaver process on Fiori for Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, who intend to roll out Stelo for many new Fiori processes.   “The great thing about Stelo is that you can’t tell the difference between library or extended Apps and Stelo Apps – a fantastically seamless user experience.” said Chantele Smith, ICT Technical Specialist, Barnsley MBC.

Stelo enables accelerated development in four key ways:

  • Automatic app generation.Stelo automatically generates the Fiori app based on back-end SAP configuration, ensuring that each data field within the app is bound to supporting data services.
  • Single-stem SAP Gateway interface. All data communication is handled using a pre-delivered SAP Gateway service.   This means that there is no need to develop a suite of custom SAP Gateway services to support custom-built Fiori apps.
  • Pre-delivered app functionality. Many common functions are pre-delivered, which reduces the development effort.
  • Process integration support. Stelo includes a process integration framework which enables the delivery of multi-step processes more easily.

Using Stelo provides organisations with standard approaches to build Fiori apps and manage Fiori processes.This means that ongoing maintenance is easier and the cost of ownership is lower.With Stelo there is no need to be running specific versions of SAP Business Suite or ERP, and no dependency on using HANA, so SAP customers can get started with Fiori easily using Stelo wherever they are in their SAP journey.

“Our aim is to make Fiori easier, simpler, faster and cheaper to exploit,” said Blythe. “Stelo is an extendable, low-risk solution, with which anyonecan drive enormous process improvements and cost savings.This unique combination of fast time-to-value and reduced cost of ownership makes Stelo a powerful choice for any SAP customer who loves Fiori.”

Stelo is available immediately, from

This announcement was made at the Arch Annual Conference, being held June22-23, 2016, in London, U.K.

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