Randi Glazer of RM Global Risk Management Announces New Feasibility Study Services

Randi Glazer of RM Global Risk Management is announcing the introduction and implementation of a number of new feasibility study services to be included among the company’s vast service offerings.

Glazer, RM Global Risk Management’s underwriting director, indicated that the new feasibility services are available on an immediate basis and will complement the risk management organization’s existing feasibility study services.

Randi Glazer, the underwriting director of RM Global Risk Management, is announcing the addition of new feasibility study services to the company’s insurance, underwriting and risk management service offerings. In addition to the newly added feasibility study services, Glazer and RM Global Risk Management also announced it has updated a number of its existing risk management services with the goal of remaining the most efficient and effective firm in the industry. The new feasibility study services are available to clients of RM Global Risk Management on an immediate basis, with the same being true of the updated services as well.

According to Glazer, the new feasibility study services will enable RM Global Risk Management to provide clients with a comprehensive approach that includes auditing existing property and casualty coverages as well as performing analyses on occupation exposure and risk management strategies, among many other new service offerings that serve to complement the firm’s existing offerings. Already recognized for its exceptional and detail-oriented approach to feasibility studies, RM Global Risk Management’s new additions are designed to ensure clients continue to benefit from a comprehensive and thorough approach to research and analysis.

“We feel quite confident that these new offerings will further cement our continued status as the foremost provider of feasibility study services and will allow us to continue to provide our clients with the most consistent and detailed analyses concerning their needs associated with risk management and insurance,” said Glazer. “It is with a great deal of pride that we are announcing the availability of these new services, particularly since we have long prioritized the ability to provide clients with access to the most exceptional services relating to every aspect of insurance, underwriting and risk management.”

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