New Apologetics Devotional Book by Scholar Uplifts as It Defends Christianity

Dallas, Texas, – Author Mike Robinson in his new book “Jesus is Calling You to Himself: Abiding in the Love and Joy of Christ” maintains that there is certain proof for the existence of God and it will inspire you in your spiritual walk! He places evidence for the faith in a devotional format as he claims recent findings from the fields of history, logic, science, and cosmology provide convincing proof for theism.

Logic, science, and religion do not actually conflict; Robinson observes many thinkers, including Lee Strobel, C.S. Lewis, and Josh McDowell have driven to God by the apparent proof and evidence. It is the atheist who has to uphold, despite all the proof to the contrary, that the universe does not rely on God as the ultimate explanation. “Jesus is Calling You to Himself: Abiding in the Love and Joy of Christ” provides arguments supporting the rational assurance of theism, including what the author maintains as “certain proof for the existence of God.”
Robinson argues that there’s never been a time when history, philosophy, and the hard evidence of science were more confirmatory of theism than it is today. He writes that “the truth of God is certainly proven as new findings emerge about the incredible complexity of the universe and human experience.” He supplies countless quotes and proofs aimed at deepening your relationship with Christ.   Robinson attempts to expose the shortcomings of atheism, agnosticism, and skepticism. He contends, using an examination of logic, evidence, and science, that atheism is no longer reasonable; there are too many gaps, unexplained assumptions, subjective hypotheses, and conceptual flaws.
How can I know for sure God exists? Why do the New Atheists call religious people irrational? Can anyone prove the truth of Christianity? Doesn’t evolution disprove the Bible? Why does the human mind point to the existence of God? These are just a few of the questions even devoted believers struggle with today. Robinson attempts to prove that belief in God is a sound intellectual belief, held by thoughtful people of rational integrity.

Drawing on diverse sources, Robinson attempts to deconstruct everyone he finds in his way, from the New Atheists Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris to popular authors who claim that Christians are deluded. In “Jesus is Calling You to Himself,” Robinson’s objective is to utilize new and unique arguments for God’s existence as well as placing well-known arguments in a fresh context to inspire and strengthen one’s walk with God.

Author Mike Robinson is a noted author of numerous books about Christianity, including several available on Amazon. Among his titles are “Lying: The Case Against Dishonesty,” “God Does Exist!” and “How Jesus Became God in the Flesh: Refuting Bart Ehrman.”

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