LGBT Community-Empowering Entity Cloaked In Pride Prepares Launch of Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign on June 15

San Diego-based social entrepreneurs Mike Keating and John Lubin create wearable “pride flag” to be worn at PRIDE parades, festivals and other identifying events; tagline of product boldly proclaims “Don’t Wave Your Flag – Wear It!”
San Diego, California-based social entrepreneurs Mike Keating and John Lubin, co-founders of Cloaked In Pride, do not hide the fact that they are passionate about creating products that will drive change in the world.

As such, the duo has created a wearable “pride flag,” which is a sleeveless garment boasting a hood and front zipper, designed to be worn during PRIDE parades, festivals and other events where individuals wish to identify and support the LGBT community. To build interest for Cloaked In Pride and its signature cloak product, Keating and Lubin are gearing up to launch a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo on June 15.

The social entrepreneurs are asking people to sign up for their pre-launch list to receive exclusive updates and access to special pre-launch discounts.  Cloaked In Pride representatives will be offering a 30-percent discount to those who support the pre-launch efforts, as well as other incentives to help springboard their crowdfunding success. Ultimately, say Keating and Lubin, the sales from this product will allow them to contribute to national and international non-profit organizations that are making an everyday difference in improving the lives of LGBT community members around the world.

“Our crowdfunding campaign will launch June 15, with the goal being to raise $30,000 to order the first batch of cloaks,” states Keating. “The tagline for this product says it all – ‘Don’t Wave Your Flag, Wear It!’ – and we hope to empower and unify the LGBT community through our efforts. Both John and myself were exposed first-hand through family and friends to how negatively-impacted the LGBT community has become by suicide, abuse, mental health issues, discrimination and more…and, truth be told, it shocked us. “

“After seeing how many people wave the pride flag, or wrap it around themselves as a sign of solidarity and comfort, we thought, ‘why not take it one step further and enable them to actually wear the flag?’,” adds Lubin.

In the end, the Cloaked In Pride project is attempting to launch a unique product to help empower and unify the LGBT community – rather than wear a flag around their shoulders, community members can now engage in a unique experience by turning the pride flag into a wearable symbol of pride.

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