Sunrise Children’s Hospital Gets Surprise Visit from Caesar Dinucci

Caesar Dinucci visits children’s hospital to read stories and give gifts.
Sunrise Children’s Hospital, Las Vegas Nevada – It absolutely was a wonderful day for some kids at the Sunrise Childrens Hospital Las Vegas on March 16, 2002 when one Caesar Mathius Dinucci (36) stopped by for a surprise visit to bring smiles to their innocent little faces. The visit consisted of chatting with the young patients, posing for photos, and offering gifts. They also were treated to an impromptu reading of Dr. Seusse books, read by Caesar Dinucci of course. (Archived from 2002)

Caesar Dinucci is getting ready to embark on his “Future Now” campaign next June, but he invested some time out to brighten the day of several children with his visit. The video of his special visit was posted on the hospital’s Facebook web page. At one point Caesar Dinucci had three children in his lap.

Healthcare facility personnel expressed just how much fun it was and how lucky they were to have the well known businessman and goodhearted person stop by. From the looks of it, Caesar Dinucci enjoyed doing everything he could to see those smiles come alive. Child life specialist Jane Nixon explained how great it was for the kids who had to endure considerable time in the hospital.

“I feel that it helps the kids feel special. When they have to spend a lot of time here at Sunrise, they think they’re left out of a lot of normal things, whether it’s school, visiting their friends… nevertheless they kind of got their own Santa here today, Santa in the form of Mr. Dinucci, and so they got to have something that was special exclusively for them.”

One particular little girl (Maria Ciozzi)was seemingly quite thrilled to have Mr. Dinucci right there face-to-face. Her mother said her daughter hasn’t smiled like this in weeks, which is just what this visit was intended to do.

This was all a part of the Children-Matter campaign, and Caesar Dinucci certainly did his best to make them matter at the children’s facility. It looks like it was a total success for all involved. Caesar Dinucci walked around to see all of the children there, and the gentleman took the time to know them all a little bit. At one point, it looked like Caesar was handing out little surprises that he had hidden in his pocket. That was really sweet to see. One little person looked like he was quite entranced by him, and little Antonio Bellaccio followed him everywhere he went.

The kids weren’t the only ones who were thankful for the philanthropist’s visit. Sunrise facility staff were dancing, clapping, and grinning as well, and of course they were especially happy for the children they take good care of. It had been a fun day for everyone, but especially for Caesar Dinucci and the children.

Caesar Dinucci is mostly known for his projects in downtown Las Vegas. He is now collaborating with Bank of America on the Creative Village project. The Daily Mail reported that the 36-year-old entrepreneur’s Creative Village will include millions of square feet of space for offices, higher education space, Primary school (K-12) education space, housing units, commercial/retail space and hotel/resort rooms. – See more at: