HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle Challenged By The #VeganCancer Movement

As head and president of the Humane Society of the United States, Wayne Pacelle has seen to it that the HSUS becomes the foremost frontier of animal rights in America. Under him, the HSUS has become the nation’s biggest animal rights and protection organization, and it has merged with other large animal rights societies such as the Fund for Animals, Association of Veterinarians and the Doris Day Animal League.

Given Wayne’s decades of dedication towards the welfare and rights of animals in America, we’d like to ask Mr. Pacelle to take on our social challenge here at the #VeganCancer movement to help promote our goal of creating real, actionable, visible and public change in the world through helpful and practical projects, from housing projects to animal sanctuaries and other community-designed ways to help promote both veganism and animal rights.

The projects can be anything, so long as they follow our specific three tenets:

Sustainability: All project materials must be sourced from zero-carbon sources, preferably made with recycled materials. This is to ensure that the good we’re doing outweighs the methods we use to meet our ends.

Freedom of information: Education should not be stuck behind a pay gate. Instead, information will be free – those who wish to teach and tutor because it is their passion to do so, are free to teach whomever they choose to.

Cruelty-free living: Finally, and most clearly, there will be no cruelty allowed within these vegan spaces. No animal products, no animal slavery – just partnership and friendship between man and animal.

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