Dr. Ethan Ciment and Michael Suchman from the VeganMos Challenged By #VeganCancer

There’s something beautiful about the relationship between the two people at VeganMos – Michael, a former lawyer and omnivore, and Ethan, a longtime vegan and social justice warrior. Together, they struggled to find a common ground every day; thrice a day, in fact. But then, as Ethan let go of his rhetoric, Michael let go of his resistance – and with time, he too committed to veganism.

Through Ethan, people can identify with his passion for ethical veganism, animal rights and the social justice everyone deserves. Through Michael, people can identify with the struggle to committing to one’s moral code while giving up something as integral and powerful as the core of our culture: food.

Together, the pair work to promote veganism and teach people that they don’t have to give up on their favorite foods entirely – they simply have to find new favorite foods, while keeping in mind that they’re going vegan for more than just a few personal health reasons, but much greater societal reasons as well.

Given their influence and message to the vegan community, we here at the #VeganCancer movement would like to ask Ethan and Michael to help us promote our goal of creating and crowdfunding vegan projects such as sanctuary farms and housing communities. Our projects are community built, and can be anything – so long as you follow the basic tenets below:

Sustainability: The projects have to strive for an absolute zero carbon footprint. That means that no matter what, all projects have to source their water and energy from sustainable means, with limited infrastructure and ecological disturbance, and recycled materials – much like an Earthship.

Cruelty-Free Treatment: Animal products aren’t allowed – and neither is discrimination between humans. Regardless of background, race, religion, age, sex or sexuality, we’re all entities and persons deserving of a peaceful life.

Freedom of Information: Information and teaching should be free. Instead of institutionalized classrooms and paid instructors, people should instruct others through apprenticeships and mentorships, and pure passion.

– See more at: http://www.datsyn.com/article/5714/2016/04/29/Dr-Ethan-Ciment-and-Michael-Suchman-from-the-VeganMos-Challenged-By-VeganCancer#sthash.yWnhQjwc.dpuf