Blogger Andrew Olson Challenged By #VeganCancer

Andrew Olson’s road onto Internet fame as a food blogger began when he woke up one day, unbelievably frustrated with life and tired. Instead of packing out a microwave meal like per usual, he somehow got the idea into himself that he should make a homecooked meal. And thus, with some pasta and a few vegetables, he made a vegan stir-fry that suddenly reinvigorated his love for real, whole, unprocessed foods.

Since then, cooking became his favorite daily pastime and form of basic meditation – and he’s taken that passion and translated it into a widely successful blog promoted by PETA and Huffington Post alike. A vegan for over six years, Olson is also a kickass hobbyist chef with the determination to never work a “real job” ever again, and to instead make his mark of fame on the vegan community as the One Ingredient Chef.

Given his love for food, his passion for cooking, and the way he’s taken both of these things and poured them into the vegan community to help and inspire others to stay vegan with extremely simple and delectable ingredients, we’d like to challenge Mr. Olson here at the #VeganCancer community to take on our social challenge, in order to help us promote our community-designed vegan projects. From a vegan summer retreat to a sanctuary farm, these projects can be anything so long as they follow these tenets:

Sustainability: The projects have to strive for an absolute zero carbon footprint. That means that no matter what, all projects have to source their water and energy from sustainable means, with limited infrastructure and ecological disturbance, and recycled materials – much like an Earthship.

Cruelty-Free Treatment: Animal products aren’t allowed – and neither is discrimination between humans. Regardless of background, race, religion, age, sex or sexuality, we’re all entities and persons deserving of a peaceful life.

Freedom of Information: Information and teaching should be free. Instead of institutionalized classrooms and paid instructors, people should instruct others through apprenticeships and mentorships, and pure passion.

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