Athlete and Author Richard Roll Asked to Take On The #VeganCancer Challenge

Not too long ago, Rich Roll lost his way. His life as a college swimming athlete and law student fell into a spiral of drugs and alcohol – and after losing his friends and family to his alienating behavior and going through a long session of rehab, he found himself obese and overweight. When he finally failed to get up a simple set of stairs without fits of pain, he knew life could be over for him any minute.

The changes he strove to make since then have been radical, to say the least. He completely overhauled his lifestyle at the age of 40, sticking to an entirely plant-based diet and going for a swim daily. He worked off his weight, and became an ultra-athlete – just over a year after buying his first bicycle, he was competing in an Ultraman competition and biking hundreds of miles at a time.

Despite his age of 47, Rich could still be a contender for the world’s fittest human being – and one of his favorite past times is smashing the convention that anyone past their middle age is automatically out of prime shape. Given his advocacy for a pure vegan lifestyle as an endurance athlete, breaking all stereotypes of energy-lacking vegans, we’re inviting Mr. Roll to take on our #VeganCancer social challenge, which aims to invite people to join into our community and promote our vegan projects. The projects are community-founded and community-funded, with only three tenets in mind:

Sustainability: The projects have to strive for an absolute zero carbon footprint. That means that no matter what, all projects have to source their water and energy from sustainable means, with limited infrastructure and ecological disturbance, and recycled materials – much like an Earthship.

Cruelty-Free Treatment: Animal products aren’t allowed – and neither is discrimination between humans. Regardless of background, race, religion, age, sex or sexuality, we’re all entities and persons deserving of a peaceful life.

Freedom of Information: Information and teaching should be free. Instead of institutionalized classrooms and paid instructors, people should instruct others through apprenticeships and mentorships, and pure passion.

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