Skater and Blogger Kerry Weber Invited to Take On the #VeganCancer Challenge

Skating might not sound like the lifestyle rich with vegan intersectionalism, but you’d be surprised! An avid vegan and more than just a hobbyist skater, blogger Kerry Weber (aka Mr. Fakie) is the head of the Vegan Skate Blog, urging skaters to go vegan, and promoting vegan skater (whom he affectionately dubs “vegetable shredders”).

The blog battles with the use of animal products in the industry, and draws parallels and connections between the vegan issues at hand: animal activism, cruelty, and animal rights, and what the skateboarding community can do to draw awareness to these things and make a real, tangible difference in the world of veganism – and skating!

As a part of the vegan community that does its best to reach out within other industries and draw some attention to the points of veganism, we’d like to ask Mr. Fakie to take on our own social challenge here at #VeganCancer, in order to help us spread the word on the projects we’re trying to push through.

A vegan community, we at #VeganCancer crowdfund vegan “projects” – farms, housing complexes, and other such community projects. The projects can be anything, so long as they follow these tenets:

Sustainability: The projects have to strive for an absolute zero carbon footprint. That means that no matter what, all projects have to source their water and energy from sustainable means, with limited infrastructure and ecological disturbance, and recycled materials – much like an Earthship.

Cruelty-Free Treatment: Animal products aren’t allowed – and neither is discrimination between humans. Regardless of background, race, religion, age, sex or sexuality, we’re all entities and persons deserving of a peaceful life.

Freedom of Information: Information and teaching should be free. Instead of institutionalized classrooms and paid instructors, people should instruct others through apprenticeships and mentorships, and pure passion.

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