Fashion Professor Joshua Katcher Asked to Take On The #VeganCancer Challenge

Known as the adjunct professor of fashion at Parsons The New School For Design in Lower Manhattan, Joshua Katcher – aka the Discerning Brute – is someone who sees beauty not only in the clothes people wear, but in the stories these clothes tell.

To him, vegan fashion is a way to express beauty without cruelty – to convey an interest in the entire route a material has gone through before becoming part of someone’s aesthetic. As per his blog and lifestyle magazine, he’s been focusing on: “fashion, food, and etiquette for the ethically handsome man”, and other visionaries in the field of vegan fashion who focus on creating new materials and designs for the vegan man.

With accolades and compliments given by members of the press such as The Guardian, W Magazine, and Full Frontal Fashion, Joshua Katcher’s enterprising dent in the fashion industry as someone who focuses on where our clothes come from as much as where our food comes from has inspired us to ask him to take on our social challenge here at the #VeganCancer movement.

A relatively young movement, we concern ourselves with ways to bring vegans together to design and crowdfund vegan projects that make a real, permanent and visible change in the world. The projects can be anything from housing complexes to sanctuary farms, so long as the following tenets are kept in mind:

Sustainability: Sustainability entails the building code of the projects construction – structures must be crafted utilizing recycled materials to see to it that the building is zero-carbon – built and existing without a carbon footprint.

Cruelty-free Treatment: Obviously, no animals may be harmed or enslaved – and no animal products would be allowed – but the same goes for humans, so as to eliminate discrimination between and across races, ages, and more.

Freedom of Information: Information would cost nothing – people could learn and teach as they please through classes and mentorship, without worry for costs and the drawbacks of standardized testing.

To get these projects up and running, we devised a social challenge to pique the interest of other vegans.

The challenge is quite simple – hug a tree, and simply take a picture or video of yourself doing so, upload it online whilst adding the #VeganCancer hashtag, and tagging three of your friends.

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