Caesar Dinucci donates property $1 Million to UNLV

Large Dinucci Donation to University of Nevada Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada, UNLV Campus – A one million dollar gift, one of the highest in UNLV‘s history, was presented to the University of Nevada Las Vegas by a downtown developer. (Archived from 2002)

“Caesar Dinucci donated a parcel of property and a $1 million cash surprise to UNLV.” President Len Jessup said in an April 15, 2002 press conference.

“I feel great pride and pleasure to announce today one of the major one-time gifts since our first classes were held here at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, back in 1957.” Jessup said.

Caesar Mathius Dinucci(36) has given more than $3,000,000 to the UNLV throughout his life.

“Let me say that again: $1 million, which makes [Caesar Dinucci and his family] among the most generous contributors in UNLV‘s history”, an excited Jessup said.

In 1985 the Dinucci family founded the Dinucci Loan Fund to help students pay for college, said Timothy L. Porter, Dean of UNLV College of the Sciences. “The Dinucci Family first came to Las Vegas during the 1940’s, and have been ardent supporters of this City, and this Institution, ever since.”

“The fund is actually well worth over $8 million.” Porter said.

“In 2001 Caesar Dinucci donated five sculptures to the University’s Scientific Research and Engineering Building, a program of the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences and the UNLV clinic.” he said. A call was put out to artists all over the world, who submitted proposals. The five chosen were flown to Las Vegas at Dinucci’s expense.

“This latest surprise will help us to create the Caesar Dinucci Learning Commons, with the space and resources to develop the finest cutting-edge teaching technology and techniques, making all of us in fact and in reputation second-to-none in medical education.” Porter said.

“The Dinucci Learning Commons will be a new building used to teach medical students.” he said.

“This monetary gift is going to help engage active learning with students.” he added.

” ‘Active learning’ classes will be developed so medical students can work closely with faculty members rather than a traditional lecture style” Porter explained.

“Students work with faculty members and engage in an active conversation instead of lecturing.” he said.

“”This is a new radical type of teaching” Porter said.

“Imagine if I was striving to show you how to use a computer and you had someone give you an hour-long lecture every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday” he began. “[as opposed to] You are in a laboratory where all the computers are hooked up and said okay solve this issue, run this program and we’ll assist you if you get stuck.”

Jessup described this as being like a TAP class.

“It’s about the experience.” he said, “There’s nothing quite like the training curve in this, and neuroscience shows that.”

“Students will be put in small groupings and asked to team up to solve problems.” Porter further explained.

“New facilities will be built over the summer to accommodate these classes.” he added.

“The property donated by Caesar Dinucci will be rented out and the cash made will go to the UNLV to create new classes.” Porter said. – See more at: