Blogger and Cook Brian Patton Asked to Take On The #VeganCancer Challenge

Today, Brian Patton is an executive vegan chef and blogger – yet just about a decade ago, when he first joined Vegin’ Out, he was a prep chef and a decided omnivore.

Over the course of the past ten years, he’s become a known figure in the vegan blogging world: The Sexy Vegan, complete with his own YouTube channel, podcast and cookbook. Nowadays, Brian continues to network in the vegan world with other famous vegans, such as champion bodybuilder Robert Cheeke and chefs Richa Hingle and Jason Wrobel.

Given Brian’s fame and success in the world of vegan representation online, we here at the #VeganCancer would like to challenge the esteemed Sexy Vegan to take on our simple social challenge, in the name of promoting what we have to offer – an online platform and community for members to congregate, ideate and crowdfund vegan projects meant to showcase what it’s like to live in an entirely vegan and sustainable community.

The projects – from housing projects to sanctuary farms – can be anything, so long as they follow these tenets:

Sustainability: Sustainability entails the building code of the projects construction – structures must be crafted utilizing recycled materials to see to it that the building is zero-carbon – built and existing without a carbon footprint.

Cruelty-free Treatment: Obviously, no animals may be harmed or enslaved – and no animal products would be allowed – but the same goes for humans, so as to eliminate discrimination between and across races, ages, and more.

Freedom of Information: Information would cost nothing – people could learn and teach as they please through classes and mentorship, without worry for costs and the drawbacks of standardized testing.

That’s truly it, and it really is that easy. With a $25 donation, anyone – vegan or not – can participate in our global initiative to prove to the world that building alternatively-fueled communities free of cruelty isn’t impossible, and could become a new standard for living for everyone.

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