Actress Olivia Wilde Asked to Take On The #VeganCancer Challenge

She’s starred in some of the past decades best comedies and dramas, and is particularly famous for her role as Thirteen in the hit medical drama show House – Olivia Wilde, vegetarian since the age of 12 and vegan for the better part of the past six years, is being challenged by us here at the #VeganCancer movement to take on our simple social challenge for the promotion of what the movement is trying to achieve.

Founded recently this year, the #VeganCancer movement is an online platform and community formed to facilitate the ideation and creation of “vegan projects” – sanctuary farms, housing facilities, and other useful structures and oases built to show to the world that a vegan, sustainable lifestyle is a one-time investment for the good of the planet, and an effective way to provide shelter and food throughout the world.

Every project will be funded by the collective, through individual $25 donations made by each member of the community. The projects can truly range from anything, so long as they follow these tenets:

Sustainability: Sustainability entails the building code of the projects construction – structures must be crafted utilizing recycled materials to see to it that the building is zero-carbon – built and existing without a carbon footprint.

Cruelty-free Treatment: Obviously, no animals may be harmed or enslaved – and no animal products would be allowed – but the same goes for humans, so as to eliminate discrimination between and across races, ages, and more.

Freedom of Information: Information would cost nothing – people could learn and teach as they please through classes and mentorship, without worry for costs and the drawbacks of standardized testing.

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