Aquittal for Caesar Dinucci on Racketeering Charges

Caesar Dinucci was aquitted of all racketeering charges posted by the District Attorney.
Las Vegas, Nevada, — Lloyd D. George Courthouse, U.S. District Court. Following an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Dinucci had charges brought against him by the U.S. Attorney General. Dinucci was charged with 36 of the original 85 counts.

Friday after returning the verdicts on 12 of the counts, the jury insisted that it had been hopelessly deadlocked on the primary racketeering and extortion accusations. The jurors were sent home by the court for the weekend with instructions to reconsider their positions, and it took a bit less than two hours for the seven men and five women to come back with the innocent verdicts once they reconvened that next morning.

Dressed in a black suit, Dinucci shouted, “Yes! That’s what I’ve been telling you!” as the verdict was read before the U.S. District Judge. Smiling, Dinucci then hugged his defense attorneys. Later, after the judge closed the court session, eight of the jurors embraced Dinucci in the courthouse corridor.

Dinucci commented “I knew that I was innocent all along and knew it would come out like this. It’s just been a roller coaster.  One day I’m ok and the next day I am angry all over again. There was also the fear of a hung jury, which would have led to another trial.” When asked if he was still angry, he added, “I’m angry at what has been done to my family. I hope the harassment has stopped. I should have never been here in the first place. I have spent years building a spotless reputation in this town, I’ve been presented with countless community service awards, been named businessman of the year, and even though I’ve been proven innocent, my reputation has a permanent dent in it, so yes, I’m angry. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“This is a very disappointing outcome.” said the Amy Allercap, spokesperson for the District attorney’s office, “We had been working very closely with the FBI for over a year. We had hoped to prove that Caesar Dinucci is a key player in an ongoing criminal enterprise. Unfortunately, we failed to convince the jury. This is a major setback in our ongoing fight against organized crime.”
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