American Corporate Services, Inc. – Your U.S. Source for English Language Proficiency and Summer Camps

Proficiency in American English is essential for education in the United States and for success in business. Much of the American culture cannot be understood apart from an accurate comprehension of the language. While it is possible to learn the language over a period of time, the best methods for students and young people include intense study and immersion.

Because our primary business involves business and immigration, American Corporate Services, Inc., regards providing access to learning American English as an important ancillary service. One that helps our clients transition and assimilate into the American culture more readily.

We emphasize American English, but it is distinctly different than British English, not only in idiomatic expressions, but even in the definitions and shades of meaning of certain words. (For example, the word “napkin” means something entirely different within the context of the two cultures.)

To this end, ACS assist clients in locating appropriate English proficiency programs and summer camps designed especially for students. Study programs can last from a month to several years, depending on the degree of teaching required. Some summer camps offer language programs, while many also emphasize sports, technology, science and other developmental programs as well.

Of course, ACS also negotiates with education programs and camps, and arranges for an F-1 student visa to permit your children’s participation in these important endeavors.

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