American Corporate Services, Inc. – Your U.S. Source for Real Estate Investment

American Corporate Services, Inc. (ACS) provides real estate broker services to individual and institutional real estate buyers by connecting potential buyers and sellers.

ACS is affiliated with the most reputable real estate marketing entities in the U.S. and a growing number of foreign countries. Because most of our clients wish to immigrate or invest, many also have real estate-related concerns. Some may be looking for a new home for themselves. Others may be looking for commercial real estate in the form of land and/or buildings – a place to establish a business in the U.S.

We work on behalf of our ACS clients to ensure that they are getting the very best value for their real estate investments.

We understand that communication can often be difficult from one culture to another. Clarity becomes even more important in legal transactions like real estate. That’s why our Brokers and Agents are proficient in multiple languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian and Spanish.


ACS can make all the difference in the world to ensure that our clients make the wisest real estate acquisitions and that they are assured of negotiating the best deal possible.

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