Chef Angela Liddon Challenged By The #VeganCancer Movement

When it comes to vegan cooking, nearly no one has got it down half as well as Angela Liddon. Known famously for her plant-based blog, OhSheGlows, she’s compiled hundreds and hundreds of delicious self-made recipes – from amazing pumpkin seed crackers to vegan enchiladas to nut-free chocolate cups to die for – and over the course of her blogging career, she’s managed to publish a cookbook alongside her huge success as a blogger.

It all started in 2008, when Angela got married to her high school sweetheart and was just beginning to climb out of her issues with eating disorders. Then, over the course of the next year or so, she slowly began to put her career as a researcher behind her – a difficult thing to do, as she had a Master’s degree and over seven years of education.

But in the end, as she said, it was the best decision she had ever made for her career. Starting off her blog with a large and consistent content binge of three posts a day, she quickly grew it into the number one vegan cooking blog on the Internet – and thus, a haven and an example of how delicious and easy it can be to cook without the help of animal products.

Given the influence her delicious food has had on persuading people to at least try – and perhaps even stick – to going vegan, we at the #VeganCancer movement are asking Angela Liddon to take on the #VeganCancer challenge, and help us change the world one step at a time.

Here at #VeganCancer, our whole premise is the ideation, creation and funding on wholly vegan projects that would create real change in the world by providing environments that would promote and make possible an entirely sustainable and vegan lifestyle. The projects can be anything, so long as they promote these three tenets:

Sustainability. Whether it’s a farm or a housing complex, the entire project has to be built with ecological sustainability and renewability in mind. That includes using recycled materials, more energy-efficient building techniques, 100% renewable energy and rainwater filtration systems. The aim is to create zero-carbon structures.

Cruelty-free treatment. No animal production, animal products, or animal slavery is allowed. As such, efforts have to be made to provide places for animals to roam freely, and all earthlings – animals and humans alike – aren’t to be discriminated against on the basis of ability, sex, age, or religion.

Freedom of information. Education and information should be a universal right, with higher education awarded to those who deserve it based on merit, not funds. Anyone can learn any trade or skill, and is free to teach within their areas of expertise. Mentorship, rather than systemized and generalized education.

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