West Palm Beach Digital Marketing Agency Offers SnapchatGeofilters for Businesses and Consumers

West Palm Beach, FL, – Snapchat offers filters that can be placed on photos. Now, geofilters help to provide specific filters based upon location, event, and even business. This can help to add excitement for a special event, such as a birthday party or wedding. It has also been used by businesses as a social marketing tool.

Recon Media Incoffers Snapchat custom filters that is based upon geolocation. It is an overlay that goes over the picture or video taken in the Snapchat App. Based upon a specific geo-area, there can be multiple filter options to choose from.

The Snapchat custom geofilters are designed in three steps. The first is to design a custom filter for the business or event. The area is then mapped out, based upon where the filter will appear. This can be inside of the building or in a park. It simply cannot exceed 5,000,000 ft.². Once created, the custom filter will appear as an option to those who are using Snapchat within a specific geolocation.

The custom Snapchat filters are unique in that they can promote a business, identify a special event, or provide a fun and exciting option for weddings, birthdays, and other personal events.

Recon Media Incis a Snapchatgeofilter designer based in West Palm Beach that offers a wide array of services, including marketing consulting, social media management, email marketing, pay per click marketing, as well as email list building.

A single filter can be placed into different locations and set to go live at the times that a person will be there. Additionally, multiple filters can be created. The pricing varies based upon location, geo-fence, number of filters, and for how many hours the filters will be live.

“I used these custom Snapchat geo filters at the last Home Show I did and everyone had so much fun using the filters. I would definitely order these again, especially because I noticed a jump in my social engagement,” comments from a roofing company in West Palm Beach.
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