Android kiosk app MobiLock appoints Value Added Reseller to provide South East Asian customers with better support

Android Kiosk app, MobiLock has paired with Singapore based Smart Walkie Pte Ltd to provide customer support to users in the Singapore and Indonesia.

MobiLock is an Android kiosk app that was designed – primarily – for business use, so that companies can remotely manage their Android devices with an easy to use interface.

MobiLock enables Kiosk mode which block games and social media from locked devices. This reduce the data cost and ensures company devices are used for business purpose only. MobiLock Pro has a cloud-based admin panel that allows users to remote manage their devices and make real-time changes.  The app itself is a good pairing with Smart Walkie.  Smart Walkie is a provider of enterprise “walkie-talkie” apps for businesses that enable employers to track the location of their crews, and for real-time communication among teams.

“We have been using MobiLock as part of our Smart Walkie Talkie package to limit the usage of apps to those whitelisted for business use only. In addition, our logistics customers have found the location tracking to be immensely useful in coordinating their daily activities.”  – CEO, Zhou Wenhan, Smart Walkie Pte Ltd

Smart Walkie’s decision to use MobiLock was based on its ease of use and focus on company-owned devices and kiosk mode.  They were able to quickly set all company-owned devices to the same set of apps and get each and every team integrated into the same app system.

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