New product formulated for Men of all ages and lifestyles to enhance sexual performance, energy and well-being. Free shipping through April 15, 2016.

Palm Springs, CA – TLX Naturals today announced the nationwide release of its premier daily male nutritional supplement, Hard Energy™. Formulated for men of all ages and lifestyles and available exclusively at, Hard Energy™ is packed with a powerful blend of high quality herbs to give men the added boost they need to make it through the day and night.

Sexual Performance. Energy. Well-Being.

Manufactured under the U.S. Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines, whose practices are regulated by the FDA, Hard Energy™ contains a synergistic group of naturally sourced, plant-derived and clinically researched herbs.  These herbs have been used effectively for centuries around the world to enhance sexual performance, energy, and well-being.

All-Day Performance in a Tablet

Taking one to two tablets daily offers a trio of benefits for today’s active man, whether he’s in his 20s, 40s or 60s. Hard Energy™ is for any man that wants to gain all day stamina, feel more mentally focused and perform better in the bedroom.

“Our motto, ‘Life is Tough, Hard Energy is Tougher’ is all about giving men access to the boost they need to take their best to the next level,” says Rick Smith, Managing Director of TLX Naturals. “Hard Energy™ helps them go the distance in all aspects of their lives, from the classroom and bench press to the conference room and bedroom.”

Pricing and Availability

Hard Energy™ is available now at One 30-tablet bottle is priced at $34.95. Introductory free shipping is available through April 15, 2016. Enter code SHIP FREE at checkout.

No Hassle. No Haggle. Pure Performance.

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