Bro LED Introduces LED Globe Bulb with 360 Degree Light Output

With their robust technological innovation, China based Bro LED brings LED globe bulbs that offer 360 degree light output to be suitable for various applications.
Zhejiang, China; – With 360 degree light output, the LED dragon ball bulbs are the new rage in the lighting industry and are suitable for various applications. The bulbs, developed by Bro LED, offer soft white light that is friendly to the human eye. Made of PC and aluminum materials, these LED bulbs are highly durable and come with two years of warranty.

The company’s LED globe bulb features an improved engineering with a customizable optical efficiency. With a sufficient luminosity and a friendly color temperature, the bulb has a rapid start time of just one second to create an amazing lighting effect in any place. According to the spokesperson of the company, these LED bulbs are highly energy efficient and could help save energy in a significant manner. He expresses his concern about the use of traditional incandescent bulbs that consume a lot of energy and maintains that these bulbs will be able to meet the energy saving needs of the society.

The bulbs are available in several models and the G80 LED bulb has several adorable features, such as full glass cover and a voltage of 95-265V. With an optical efficiency of 100lm/w the bulb releases 360 degree soft and white light. With 0mg lamp mercury content, the bulb is not harmful for the environment. Available in a 50 pcs per cartoon pack, the product is delivered across the world in a safe and timely manner. They ship bulbs in high quality cartons made of five layered corrugated paper to ensure the safety of the bulbs.

The spokesperson reveals that they continuously invest time and money on research and development in order to create superior LED lighting products for the customers. Their G95 LED glass e27 bulb has been widely acclaimed for its features and durability. The full glass LED delivers cold white or warm white light that has no glaring effect on human eyes. With a color temperature of 2700-6500K, the bulb emits light at a 330 degree LED angle. – See more at: