Vital Signs Now Offering Giant Sized Branding

Vital Signs is now “wrapping” to a new beat with the new advertising trend of Garage Wraps.

Pittsburgh, PA. – Vital Signs, a custom sign and graphics company, recently announced their new launch of Garage Wraps. Sandy Burkett, President of Vital Signs explained that a “wrap” refers to the process of applying a printed image(s) over an entire surface.  Advertising wraps in general can cover a variety of surfaces such as: Elevators; Doors; Walls; Storefronts; Vehicles; Garages, Caskets and more.”


A Garage Wrap can serve a variety of residential or commercial purposes. With their patriotic garage wraps, Vital Signs wanted to not only exhibit their new product line, but also to show their support of the military services and specifically of their son, who is an active duty Marine. For a whimsical twist, the Vital Signswraps were designed to appear as if the viewer is looking inside open garage doors.

The options for using Garage Wraps are varied. Some Garage Wraps are chosen for business branding, while others might be chosen to show support for a cause or even to cover an unsightly garage door. A Garage Wrap can be installed on either the exterior or interior door and is typically applied in warmer weather.

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