Proactive Insights Launches Innovative Survey to Predict Employee Retention Factors

In February of 2016, Proactive Insights, a New York based leader in employee engagement products and services, launched a new online survey designed to anticipate multiple factors determining the likelihood of employee retention.

The Stay Survey, also called the Keep Me Survey, anonymously collects and analyzes employee feedback on work experiences with regard to professional and personal interests and goals. The questions are centered on 10 key retention drivers—proprietary indicators which have been developed by Proactive Insights’ expert staff. As employee work performance is influenced by critical factors that are both direct and indirect—namely, professional experiences and personal circumstances away from the work environment–the Stay Survey aims to measure employees’ overall experience taking into account both factors. The Stay Survey is designed to function as predictive and preventative tool: as highly-informative data are usually collected during employee exit interviews, the Stay Survey aims to collect similar data to prevent the “exits” of its valuable employees.

Stay Survey data is collected anonymously and online by trained third-party assessors. This approach allows employees to provide honest feedback in a relaxed and user-friendly environment. The use of trained non-company assessors ensures that all feedback is evaluated fairly without the typical biases that are often encountered during in-house employee evaluations. The Proactive Insights system allows up to 224 reports which analyze unique and in-depth aspects of the total employee experience. The comprehensive report is delivered with expert recommendations on retaining top talent based on the feedback received.

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