An innovative product has been designed to help breastfeeding moms feel comfortable feeding in public, without fear of exposure.

The topic of breastfeeding in public is a subject that continues to be debated nationally, and nursing moms can feel under pressure and avoid venturing out in public with their baby as a result.

But, Bump, Baby & Beyond has the answer to those problems. Now available for sale is an innovative nursing cover, which provides nursing moms with the privacy they crave, but without feeling they are suffocating their baby in their quest to cover up.

The nursing cover has a clever rigid neckline, which provides ventilation, as well as allowing mom to be able to see baby. This means mom can manage getting the latch right, and see baby as he or she feeds, without worrying about exposing herself. The apron also features a pocket, for moms to keep pacifiers, wipes or burp cloths within easy reach.

Together with a subtle design, the Bump, Baby & Beyond nursing cover is the perfect solution for all breastfeeding moms. It also comes with a handy pouch, allowing moms to keep their cover safe and dry. Plus, the nursing cover can double up as a changing mat cover, car seat shade or blanket, and mom can even use it as a kitchen apron when she’s done breastfeeding!

Available to purchase exclusively through, Prime customers will be able to start using the cover as soon as the following day.

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