The Richy Show Announces the Debut of Season 3 with More Surprising Guests

The Richy Show is announcing the debut of Season 3 with more surprising guests to watch out for. Some may expect that each show with special guests are set up by a huge crew or are funded by huge companies. The truth is… it is a one-man show.

This online show introduces actors, authors, actresses, and musicians starting to or already have made a name under the limelight. To pull off each episode, all the preparations are made by Richy and many can prove how he can make each show interesting and fun-filled. To continue the fun, Season 3 of The Richy Show will kick off this February with triple threat star Alyson Stoner!

Though considered as a one-man show, The Richy Show never fails to entertain their regular viewers with original music, surprising guests, and outstanding interviews. All of the preparations are done by Richy from booking guests, interviewing them, producing the entire show, and editing each episode. Richy wants all his show’s viewers to know that Season 3 is up and will be introducing new guests that everyone will love to get to know better.

For the past 2 seasons, the show has already interviewed some popular Hollywood celebrities like Costas Mandylor, Missy Crider, Adrienne Wilkinson, Cas Anvar, and Claudia Christian. The upcoming seasons, viewers must anticipate more exciting guests and look forward to watching more fun episodes.

Through this announcement, more people would gain awareness about the online show and be able to watch their previous seasons. The episodes from the previous seasons, 44 total, are still posted so everyone can get started watching those.

The Richy Show is a one of a kind show due to the guests and also the exciting twists that the show has to offer for their audience. This makes each episode more interesting to watch out for.

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