Ezzyglide Announces the Launch of Detangling Hair Brush

Agape Holdings Inc., Launches A Unique Combo-Pack Ezzyglide Detangling Hair Brush on Amazon Marketplace.

Ezzyglide Detangline Hair Brush is a result of many months of research and design by Agape Holdings Inc., a Beauty and Wellness company. Most Detangling Brush pulls and cut the hair during the detangling process, causing unwanted loss of precious hair strands. Some generic hair detangling combs have also been found to break when in use on tough tangled hairs. To provide customers with a top-branded detangling hair brush, the EzzyGlide Detangling Comb was designed and manufactured to provide an easy and pain-free detangling result. It also comes in a unique combo-pack of two brushes at the price of just one brush.

The EzzyGlide hair Detangling Brush comes with uniquely designed knots that pull through the spaces in-between each hair, massaging the scalp while separating and detangling each strand of hair from the tangled hairs. This specially curated knot at the tip of each brush spin produces a massaging effect while utilizing a concave brushing effect that does not pull the hair but detangles them sideways easily and successfully.

During the initial test of the EzzyGlide Detangling Hair brush, users have testified of the ease with which the EzzyGlide Detangling hair Brush produces efficient detangling of even the toughest dry and wet hair tangles. Here is a testimonial from one of the numerous rave reviews on EzzyGlide Detangling Hair Brush:

“Trying to detangle dry tough tangled hairs can be a tough job, especially on children. Having tried several other types of detangling combs with so much pain resulting from the poor designs, it is amazing how EzzyGlide does the job and easily detangles all types of hair, even on wet and dry hairs. This is truly a great product”- Nicole A

When contacted, the marketing director of the company, Mr. Jean Davidson, reiterated the same thing. He emphasized so much on the unique convex brushing effect of EzzyGlide Detangling Brush:

“ While some other generic detangling hair brushes pull the hair directly down leading to unwanted hair loss, the EzzyGlide Detangling Hair comb, cheats the gravity force of pull by brushing the hair sideways utilizing the concave effect and limiting hair loss. Our customers are raving about this unique feature of EzzyGlide Detangling Hair brush.”- Mr. Jean Davidson

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