DestROYER Competition Marketing Reviews Jon Bowtell’s eCom Subscription Pro

DestROYER Competition Marketing will be celebrating the launch of Jon Bowtell’s new eCom Subscription Pro System that includes a set of bonus’ including a PDF Transcript and Access to a Private Facebook Group. Find out more at

In an International Product Launch change of pace, DestROYER Competition Marketing (San Diego, CA), will be celebrating the launch of Jon Bowtell’s new eCommerce System that includes an amazing set of bonus’ including a Full PDF Transcript eBook, a Full 4 Hour Audio of the Training, Resource Guide and Contacts List and Access to an Ultra Secret Facebook Group. It’s reported the event will take place on Friday, February 4th, 2016.

In a space where most competitors simply give away a bunch of buggy old software that doesn’t work any more, and fail to cause much of a stir, DestROYER Competition Marketing has opted to be much more aggressive with Jon’s eCom Subscription Pro launch.

This revolutionary new system is NOT eBay. It’s NOT Amazon. And it’s NOT Shopify. This is something totally new and totally different.

For those who act quickly, the eCom Subscription Pro System will also include an incredible “Double” Bonus: The Crystal Ball Software. This simple to use software tool will allow anyone to accurately predict if a product will work or not under this system AND accurately forecast out six months profits. No company offers anything like this in the market today and it will only be made available to eCom Subscription Pro System customers.

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